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News from Sučany Alumni (October 2012)


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The New Head of Sučany Alumni: Štefan Korbeľ

Štefan Korbeľ – this young, yet talented and determined graduate of GBAS has recently become the new chairman of Sučany Alumni. In this interview you will find out how it all happened, where Štefan studied, what was his motivation to take up this post, what skills and knowledge he offers and what is the course SA is going to take with him in charge.



The Silence after the Storm: An Interview with Tomáš Jacko

What can the relationship between an association and its founder be like? What is he willing to sacrifice? Tomáš Jacko, one of the best known and the most successful graduates of our school and the founder of Sučany Alumni, has decided to leave SA and move on. How can founding and managing an association like this influence a person and their surroundings? Tomáš answered our questions about his views and feelings about Sučany Alumni.