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Summer PHOTO Competition!

It’s summer and it’s all yours to enjoy, but you should stop sunbathing for a while and show us those great summer PHOTOS of yours. All the GBAS people are welcome in Summer PHOTO Competition!

imageSend the 3 top summer photos you’ve taken!

  ● € 50 for the best shot
  ● € 50 for the most popular shot

Deadline: September 1, 2013. See the conditions for more information. The contest is brought to you by Sučany Alumni in cooperation with KARIS Photography Society.

The Swallow magazine (Garden Party 2013)

imageHave a look at The Swallow, the Garden Party 2013 Issue, online!

Editor's picks:

Mr & Mrs Fielding: GBAS has a special place in our hearts (Mr Ruman)
On a visit to the National Council of the Slovak Republic (Eduard Kutaš, Marek Križka)
Comics (Tomáš Jacko)

Enjoy! smile

Sučany Alumni June 2013 News: Garden Party, VZ, Travel Grant, Scholarships & Awards

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