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Activities 2010/11

In the academic year 2010/2011, Sučany Alumni engaged in the following activities:
Student Award - top prize = iPad(!!!)
Essay Writing Competition (for students) – top prize = 50€ gift cards to shop at (an online bookshop)
NEW The Sučany Mastermind competition – top prize = 100€
• A professional presentation about summer and au-pair jobs abroad
• A discussion with graduates about universities at home and abroad: focusing on law and medicine
Staff Award - top prize = 200€
The Milan Hodža Scholarship 3 x 600 eur
NEW The support of the regular Karis school magazine and its authors
NEW University Clinic: individual help in choosing universities and writing cover letters in English
• Co-organization of the celebrations of the school’s 20th foundation anniversary
NEW The manufacture and sale of the school’s gift items (merchandise)
• Supporting the school and promoting it at home and abroad

Current Activities

Check out the News section for ongoing and upcoming activities.

Past Activities

School Year 2013/14
School Year 2012/13
School Year 2011/12
School Year 2010/11
School Year 2009/10

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