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imageThe Milan Hodža Scholarship is an exclusive project of the Sučany Alumni – a society of graduates of the grammar school in Sučany. Its aim is to enable at least one talented student a year to start their studies at the Milan Hodža Bilingual Grammar School in Sučany without financial problems. The graduates as well as the students’ parents and the school’s management are looking to give the opportunity to study at this exceptional school to everybody regardless of the person’s financial, material, and other social or economic status in society. In the second year of this project, three newly admitted students were awarded a full one-year scholarship of 600€. Graduates partaking in the Sučany Alumni, the school’s management, and the parents would welcome any financial or other aid for this unique project. Such aid would enable awarding more scholarships and, in turn, fulfilling many a talented student’s dream to study at a great and exceptional high school, which, among other things, opens a possibility to study at world’s best universities. Three scholarships worth 600 € were awarded to newly admitted students both in 2010 and 2011. Three scholarships worth 400 € each were awarded in 2012.

You can download the 2014 application form here.



PRIHLÁŠKA 2012 stiahni prihlášku tu

The Milan Hodža Scholarship Winners
2012: Laura Beláková, Andrea Durčáková, Alex Tománek

2011: Simona Bartošová, Veronika Faktorová, Klára Findrová

2010: Martin Bažík, Kristína Durčáková, Monika Saganová

Milan Hodža
Milan Hodža (* 1 February 1878, Sučany, Austria-Hungary – † 27 June 1944, Clearwater, USA) was a politician, statesman, and publicist. He was an acting President of the Czechoslovak Republic, the eleventh Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia (the first Slovak in that office), and a minister. He was a son of Ondrej Hodža, a brother to Ján Miloslav Hodža, and a nephew of Michal Miloslav Hodža. Milan Hodža was born at an evangelical parsonage in Sučany and received great education – he studied law in Vienna and Cluj, and philosophy in Vienna. His general, specialized, and language knowledge (he could speak seven languages – Hungarian, German, English, French, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Polish), talent, diligence, and bravery led him to success in all areas of his work, especially in journalism and politics. As a Minister for Education, he contributed greatly to the construction of a school building in Sučany, which now belongs to the Bilingual Grammar School that bears his name. We hope that the Milan Hodža Scholarship will help to promote the legacy of this remarkable man and will inspire many young people to follow in his footsteps and not forget where they come from.

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