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11. 04. 2013

2013 Milan Hodža Scholarships

This year, Sučany Alumni will again grant at least one Milan Hodža Scholarship to make it possible for at least one talented student to start their studies at the Milan Hodža Bilingual Grammar School in Sučany without financial problems. More information about the Milan Hodža Scholarship program can be found here.

The Milan Hodža Scholarship 2013 application form can be found here.

The deadline for the Milan Hodža Scholarship 2013 applications is 31 May 2013. Filled out application forms can either be scanned and sent to .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript), or sent by regular mail to the Sučany Alumni’s address in the application.

Conditions and method of selection

The main condition is the student‘s admission to the first year at the grammar school. Upon enrollment, every admitted student will receive, or can download, fill out, and send, an application. The scholarship of up to 600€ provides a financial compensation for accommodation costs, study costs, travel and food costs.

The committee consisting of the grammar school’s graduates takes the following criteria for granting the scholarship into consideration:
- candidate’s economic and family situation (30 %),
- candidate’s academic performance (30 %),
- candidate’s extracurricular activities (30 %),
- other circumstances (e.g. distance from the place of residence to school etc., 10 %).

If necessary, the Sučany Alumni will invite selected candidates for personal/telephone interviews.

The school’s promotional brochure can be found here..

We also invite graduates, students, employees, and their family members to support the continuation of the scholarship project by paying their 2012/13 membership fee. Thank you for your support!

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