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22. 07. 2013

Summer PHOTO Competition!

It’s summer and it’s all yours to enjoy, but you should stop sunbathing for a while and show us those great summer PHOTOS of yours. All the GBAS people are welcome in Summer PHOTO Competition!

imageSend the 3 top summer photos you’ve taken!

  ● € 50 for the best shot
  ● € 50 for the most popular shot

Deadline: September 1, 2013. See the conditions for more information. The contest is brought to you by Sučany Alumni in cooperation with KARIS Photography Society.

Conditions of competition:

Participation in the contest:

1. Any GBAS person can participate: graduates, students, non-pedagogical staff, former teachers, former non-pedagogical staff of the Bilingválne gymnázium Milana Hodžu in Sučany. Participants have to use their real names. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of Sučany Alumni or not.
2. Every participant can send max. 3 photos of any kind with resolution of at least 3 megapixel (approximately 1MB size). The higher the resolution, the better (maximum resolution is 18 megapixel).
3. Photos submitted to the competition have to be made between July 1, 2013 and September 1, 2013 and sent to the e-mail address .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript) until September 1, 2013, 11:59 PM CET.
4. The author is obliged to indicate the date and place of taking the photo, as well as the type of the camera used. The author may (but need not) include a short description of each photo, up to 50 words.
5. Photos can be modified digitally.


6. There are two main prizes in the contest: the best photo according to the jury (the jury members will be chosen by the leaders of SA) and the best photo according to the number of Facebook “likes” (the voting policy will be specified in the beginning of September).
7. The financial rewards for the prize winners will be equal to the number of GBAS people who decided to participate in the contest: min € 20 – max € 50 for each prize won by a member of SA. The prizes for non-members can be 50% of the final value of the prizes for SA members, that is, min € 10 and max € 25.
8. The SA members who want to compete for the SA prizes have to pay their membership fee of at least € 5 for the school year 2013/14 must be received until September 1, 2013.
9. A single participant can win one prize only.


10. By participating in the contest, the author gives permission to Sučany Alumni to use these photos for promotional and other non-commercial purpose related to SA activity.
11. The photos submitted remain the intellectual property of the author and their rights are otherwise unaffected.


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