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05. 06. 2013

Get the Sučany Alumni Scholarship!

image1. Are you active and can you actually be bothered?
2. Do you care about our school and your surroundings?
3. Do you want to perfect your skills and boost your CV?
4. Do you want to help the Sučany Alumni during the following academic year?

In that case you are the ideal candidate for our new SUČANY ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP of 50€ – 200€, which will be awarded to a few of you.

All it takes is to fill out the application form and send it to .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript) until 17 June 2013.

Further information:
1. The scholarship is intended for the current students who will continue with their studies at GBAS in the following academic year of 2013/14, i.e. those who will attend the 2nd – 5th year. Students spending the current academic year abroad can apply as well.
2. Students can apply for the scholarship only if, upon application, they are paying members of SA, registered in the online SA database with all the required fields filled out.
3. The scholarship amount depends on how long a student has been a holder of the Sučany Alumni Scholarship.
4. The scholarship is granted for one academic year. Receiving the scholarship in one academic year is not a guarantee of receiving the scholarship in the following academic years.
5. The scholarship will be granted in accordance with the Agreement on Granting the Sučany Alumni Scholarship, which will contain more detailed information about the rights and responsibilities of both parties.
6. The Sučany Alumni reserves the right not to grant any scholarships if no suitable candidates apply.

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