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09. 11. 2013

Mr Goebels: My best GBAS memories come from the UK trips

Who inspired him most at GBAS, what is killing school spirit, what single significant change he would make at the School, and what his plans for the future are. Mr Lorenz Goebels, GBAS ex-teacher (2004-13).

(Interview by Štefan Korbeľ)


The Swallow, X-Mas 2013 Issue, is going to be out soon! Will you be able to see through the mighty word of Mr Ruman? Slávka Vimpeľová asks whether ‘to read or not read’, and there is a short story by our alumna published earlier in Dotyky. The Travel Grant winners tell us about their experience, current Head of the Students’ Council talks about MiniFest which she organized in the Summer, and more.

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